Steps to Report Nursing Home Abuse

Steps to Report Nursing Home AbuseWhen a family decides that it’s time for an elderly loved one to move to a better living environment, they might look to a nursing home as a favorable option. Many elderly people rely on nursing homes to provide them with routine care and attention, thanks to their many specialized services. Unfortunately, incidents of neglect and abuse are too frequent among nursing homes. The elderly population is especially vulnerable to abuse. Most of the time they are unable to properly defend themselves and stand up for their rights. If your loved one has suffered neglect or abuse at a nursing home, a nursing home abuse lawyer Kansas City, MO trusts, such as one from Royce Injury Attorneys LLC, can help you understand the steps you need to take and file a claim.  

How do I gather evidence? 

If you notice that your loved one has suspicious marks or other physical signs of abuse, take detailed photos of each injury that you see. Physical signs of neglect or abuse include a range of injuries, such as cuts, bruises, or wounds like pressure sores. The overall health of your loved one can also be a sign, such as a thinner body due to weight loss. This may mean that they are not getting nutritious meals or are not being fed enough times in a day. Copies of important documents such as financial records can also serve as evidence, if you suspect that your loved one is being manipulated financially. Bring them to a lawyer so you can discuss your findings.

What should I do If I suspect abuse or neglect in a nursing home? 

Once you have reasonable and/or sufficient evidence that your loved one is experiencing abuse or has experienced abuse in a nursing home, you should report it right away. Each state has their own protective services department that you can contact and report abuse to. In Missouri, you should report any neglect or abuse cases to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services so they can begin an investigation.

While you are waiting for a response after submitting a report, you should talk to a lawyer as soon as possible for further guidance regarding immediate steps you can take. 

Seek Legal Assistance From a Trusted Lawyer

Elderly loved ones should not have to suffer any kind of abuse or neglect, especially from trusted nursing home caregivers or personnel. Schedule a consultation with a top nursing home abuse lawyer if you need legal counsel regarding your elderly loved one’s experience.