Personal Injury Damages

People filing personal injury lawsuits may be eligible to receive monetary compensation for certain types of damages related to their harm and injuries. Personal injury lawsuits are typically brought to seek compensation, also known as “damages,” for the harm you have suffered. You are compensated so that you don’t have to bear the financial burden that comes from the consequences of another’s actions. Several different types of damages are potentially available to those who file a personal injury lawsuit. Some of these are considered “economic,” as they are tied to specific costs incurred in the aftermath of an injury. On the other hand, “noneconomic” damages are more subjective. They are intangibles that come along with the injury, such as pain and suffering. What damages are available to you and whether they are subject to limits depends on other factors, such as where the injury occurred or where you live.

Types of Damages

Medical Bills

Medical bills can arise from the need for medical care after a personal injury. This can include many things, such as medical treatments, tests, hospital stays, rehabilitative care, and outpatient care, to address the injuries. It doesn’t always end there, though. Medical care might also be needed on an ongoing basis, especially if there are serious long-term or permanent injuries and disabilities. This can be significantly expensive. The injured can face steep medical bills. 

Lost Wages 

When you are injured, you may have to miss work. Maybe it’s merely a few sick days to go to the doctor. Or, perhaps you need a hospital stay and miss substantial work time. You may be injured so severely that you can not return to work. Whatever the loss, you could be entitled to compensation for the wages you lost.

Pain and Suffering 

This type of compensation is calculated and awarded based on the extent of the pain and suffering you’ve endured based on the type of injury you suffered and what medical treatment was necessary. You and your attorney will need to present as much evidence as possible to prove the impact of pain and suffering caused by the negligence of another.

Emotional Distress 

This category of compensation takes into account an injured person’s mental and emotional state following an injury or accident. A personal injury victim could suffer from anxiety, depression, severe psychological trauma, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

 Wrongful Death

Wrongful death claims are civil lawsuits filed by survivors of a person killed due to the misconduct or negligence of another person or party. Survivors are often left without the love, income, and support of the deceased family member. Therefore, courts can award compensation accordingly.

 Loss of Consortium

When you or someone you love is injured to such an extent that you can’t carry on a full relationship with a spouse or partner (or them you), or one of you was killed in an accident, you could be compensated for loss of consortium (companionship).

Punitive Damages

In certain states, punitive damages may be available. This type of award punishes the person responsible when their injurious actions were unusually excessive. Punitive damages not only punish the defendant, but can also serve as a deterrent that keeps other persons and companies from engaging in similar activity.

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