Questions for a Nursing Home Lawyer

A skilled nursing home lawyer understands how upsetting and overwhelming it can be to find out that your loved one has suffered abuse and neglect at a nursing home. Families trust the staff at nursing homes to provide the highest level of care for their loved ones and keep them safe at all times. Elderly patients are especially vulnerable to harm, so nursing home staff must  handle residents carefully and respectfully. There is no excuse for any form of abuse against patients. If your loved one has experienced abuse while living in a nursing home, you may benefit from seeing a nursing home lawyer like one from Davis & Brusca who can help you file your claim. Here are some questions that you may have about recognizing abuse and approaching your loved one about their experience. 

What are common signs of physical abuse? 

One of the most recognizable signs that abuse or neglect of your loved one may be occurring are examples of physical abuse. A large percentage of nursing home abuse and neglect victims experience some form of physical abuse, such as the following: 

  • Unexplained Injuries. Elderly patients must be handled carefully since they prone to injuries. If a staff member restrains them too aggressively they can experience wounds like cuts, bruises, or internal bleeding. 
  • Weight Loss. Excessive weight loss may be evidence that a nursing home resident is not being fed properly or has a poor diet. This can lead to malnutrition and result in health issues. 
  • Sudden Infections. If you notice that your loved one experiences a decline in health due to sudden or repeated infections, it may be a sign of abuse or neglect.  
  • Complications From Medications. Administering the incorrect dosage is one of the most common forms of abuse or misconduct in nursing homes. 

How do I approach my loved one? 

At first, you may feel at a loss at how to approach your family member about their abuse. You may not know how to bring up the topic or decide which questions to ask. They may not be willing to talk about their experience or are in denial about the abuse. It’s important to remember that you want your loved one to be comfortable and respect their boundaries. Ask them if they can recall any details about their experience as best as they can. 

Legal Support is Available

You don’t have to go through this difficult and stressful experience alone. Schedule an appointment with a lawyer who can evaluate your situation and offer the critical guidance and support that you need.