How To Avoid A Collision

If you’re in it for the long haul, driving long-distance across several states for whatever reason, odds are there will be several 18-wheelers going your way. And when you’re driving near or around large commercial vehicles, the rules are a tad different than when you’re around other cars your size, as a personal injury lawyer such as one from E Health Law Ethics . Observe these tips while driving defensively around large commercial trucks so you can stay safe while on the road.

Don’t drive with excessive speed. Most truck drivers won’t be impressed if you’re trying to show how fast your new sports car can go, after all, they’re focused on doing their job: making sure their cargo gets to their destination safely and on time so they’ll be maintaining a speed within road guidelines. If you’re driving near a truck on the road, don’t speed near or around them as you may cause an accident.

Don’t follow too closely. Unlike the driver of a regular 4-wheeled vehicle, an 18-wheeler driver has a limited view of the traffic around him or her. This is due to the size of the vehicle obstructing a lot of the view of its perimeter, so its mirrors can only show so much. The truck’s blind spots are directly behind the vehicle and close to its front on both sides so don’t follow too closely when near a large truck. If it decides to change lanes it will be without the knowledge that you’re nearby and this’ll cause an accident. 
Don’t drive under the influence. A no-brainer for any situation, don’t drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, especially marijuana knowing that it has become legal in more states. All of these impair your cognitive functions and distort your ability to drive. A truck driver will be focused on making sure they are well and alert enough to have full awareness of the traffic and regulations as they change around them. You should do the same.

Don’t drive erratically. In states like Texas, you’ll often enter large stretches of land with certain characteristics: flat, unchanging scenery, lonely roads that will go on for hours. What often happens on these roads is that you begin to lose focus because there’s nothing to “focus on” which results in erratic driving. You’ll swerve to the side every now and then and straighten out again repeatedly. For a truck driver who is keeping focus. This is the last thing they want to see: a literal potential accident. Stay focused so you can both make it safely.