Creativity Is Everywhere

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Thinking time is critical to running a successful business. It is amazing all the places that we have to find creative business ideas. First and foremost, being creative must come from within. If we take the time to stop and utilize our thinking time, it is amazing what we can accomplish. Our ability to think through problems is unlike any other animal on the planet. However, in today’s fast-paced society, we have to slow down and let our brains do the slow work of being a problem solver. Go slow if you want to speed up. Once you slow down and put some thinking time into a problem, you will be able to see the solution and do something about it. 

COVID Hitting the United States

The perfect example was when COVID-19 hit the US. Some businesses were completely shut down, while others were drastically affected and revenue dramatically decreased. Businesses had to keep finding new ways to market themselves and adapt to the pandemic so that they could remain profitable. 

Turn to Your Teams  

We should be turning to our teams for creativity. When you find yourself stuck, don’t hesitate to ask your team for their opinion. They are the ones interacting with your clients on a daily basis and hear the feedback. Additionally, they often overhear the negative things that no one wants to say about your business. It is amazing how many of us don’t turn to our teams for answers. It is so important to communicate with your team on a daily basis. Not only will you get a new perspective, but you are increasing employee morale by asking them to take on a vital role in the business.

Seek Help from Others

Look to other business owners to help. People often love helping others. You actually get two benefits when asking other business owners for solutions. The simple act of asking the questions strengthens your friendship with them. You build a better connection and you can learn from someone who may have already dealt with your issue. Usually, you get the solution faster than if you were trying to go at the process alone.

Search Online 

Look at the internet for resources. For example, this fall there was an article on CNBC about how the candy companies were dealing with the potential difficulties surrounding how to have a safe and successful Halloween. The companies, in turn, came up with creative ideas so that kids could still trick-or-treat. For example, instead of the kids going door-to-door, there was the potential for scavenger hunts, tying individually wrapped candies to a tree, or even costume parades. Instead of making a change in their business, the business was helping its customers make a change in their habits, which should lead to more sales. Genius!

Check Out Your Industry Trade Group 

Finally, look to your industry trade group. You might be surprised by the ideas that you can get by sharing your struggle with the trade group and its members. All of our struggles are nothing new, and that means that someone else has already gone through it. While COVID-19 is new, dealing with pandemics is not, and many businesses have faced these scary moments in the past. Reach out to your Tavern Association, GIA, Coin Operators Association, or Restaurant Owners Association to get some quality insights into what is happening in your industry.

The health officials are telling us to expect a rise in cases this winter. We all need to be proactive in how we are going to deal with the potential slow down in business. Now, go get busy with some thinking time!

Learn more from other business owners, restaurateurs, bar owners and hoteliers by watching business interviews on YouTube. Many companies and industries have them, including a business law firm, like Silverman Law Office. Search online to find helpful resources for your situation today.