Get Out Of Jail

Immediately after being taken to jail, you may wonder when are you able to get out of jail, and how? Of course, this is not a place you truly desire to be. There are not too many ways you can be placed under arrest and released other than the true suspect being detained, or a bond being granted for release which leads to a bail being paid on your behalf. When bail is paid, it assures the judge and prosecutor that you will appear in court when you are called, although you have been released from jail and there are pending criminal charges against you. Different courts allow different forms of payment, some courts allow cash, others may only accept a cashier’s check or some sort of certified funds. Because paying this bail is an oath to the court that you will be present at your scheduled court hearing, if you do not appear, the judge will issue an arrest warrant on your behalf and the payment made will not be returned to you.

Some people are held in the jail until they see a judge that will grant and list their bail amount, while some are fortunate enough to have a bail amount listed depending on the crime committed. This helps eliminate the wait. Of course, the more intense the crime, the less likely it is that a bail amount will be listed and available to be paid before seeing a judge. There are some cases where the listed amount may be lowered, but this is why it is wise to speak with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Much like the sentencing system, even bail is sometimes set at impossible rates so that an individual cannot be released. It it is made to seem like it is because the bail is too high that the person has not been released, while in all actuality it is strategically numbered that way to punish the accused, it is also helps guarantee the suspect will report to court at a later date, in the event that it can be paid.

Having a criminal defense attorney that knows these things occur is more beneficial than not. Many criminal defense attorneys offer free consultations, so to make sure you are not being taken advantage of please speak with a skilled criminal defense attorney in Decatur, GA, like the office of The Lynch Law Group as soon as possible to discuss your case and see what your bail options are.