Adoption Attorney FAQs

Adoption Attorney FAQs

Adoption Attorney FAQs

Adoption can represent one of the happiest and most emotional moments in a couple’s life. The steps leading to a successful adoption, however, can often be described as a legal maze, filled with confusing state and federal laws and regulations, as well as mountains of paperwork. The last thing that perspective parents or birth parents need to hear is that their adoption agency and/or an inexperienced attorney failed to complete the process successfully, significantly delaying or even jeopardizing the adoption.

What are adoption attorneys?

All adoptions require attorneys at some point in the process. Adoption lawyers specialize in adoption-related legal services. They are experts in their state’s adoption laws and understand all the requirements that must be fulfilled before an adoption can be finalized.

What does an adoption attorney do?

Their primary job is to make sure the legal rights of all parties – adoptive parents as well as birth parents – are protected throughout the process.

If birth mothers need financial assistance during the pregnancy to cover medical bills, legal costs or living expenses (food, housing, etc.), attorneys can work with the prospective parents on solutions acceptable to all parties.

Once the child is born, adoption attorneys will secure the signatures on documents that terminate the birth parents’ legal rights to the child, as well as their future financial responsibilities for the child. In addition, the attorneys finalize the adoption in court to ensure there are no last-minute delays or surprises.

How do adoption law firms compare with adoption agencies?

  • More cost-effective. Everyone knows that adoption is an expensive undertaking. For families that have already found or do not need help in finding a match (e.g., stepparent or relative adoptions), working with one professional firm rather than two will likely result in a cost savings.  
  • Monitored more closely and frequently. Most states review adoption attorneys every year to ensure they are fully in compliance with existing laws and up to date on recent changes to adoption law.

Do most adoption lawyers work with adoption agencies?

Yes. Since legal work is a part of all adoptions, most agencies work closely with adoption attorneys and refer their clients once a match has been made.

Whether you’re planning to adopt a child or to give up a child for adoption, you should make sure to seek the assistance of an experienced adoption attorney. There are several options to explore when considering such an attorney, as an adoption lawyer in Arlington, VA, at a law firm like May Law, LLP, can explain.