6 Types of Chiropractic Services

It could be time for you to visit a chiropractor if you are going through chronic pain that has persisted for a long time and it disrupts your everyday life. Chiropractic care has a host of benefits and it is effective at providing lasting relief for various symptoms such as muscle pain, joint pain, nerve pain and much more. If you are considering any kind of treatment for your pain, first consider chiropractic services because it is less risky and non-invasive, as opposed to surgery and other traditional treatments. There are many treatments according to a qualified Silver Springs chiropractor like one at AmeriWell Clinics, but these are some of the most common chiropractic treatments and therapies that an experienced chiropractor is familiar with:

Spinal Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments are what many people are familiar with when they imagine chiropractic care. There are many misconceptions surrounding chiropractic adjustments, or spinal manipulation. It does not involve cracking bones. The cracking sound that is heard refers to the gas being released from the joints. Fixing the spine’s alignment helps to relieve pain and pressure along the spine, keeping it balanced. 


Disc decompression is a treatment that involves adjusting discs of cartilage that are being compressed in the spine. If you have a pinched disc, a chiropractor may recommend that decompression for you as a suitable treatment. It is a pain-free treatment that involves the chiropractor targeting specific areas of the spine where the disc is being pinched, so that inflammation can be reduced and healing can be promoted. 

Posture Correction

Posture issues are common for many people. Sitting and looking at the phone or computer for long periods of time can have a negative effect on posture, as well as habits like slouching or standing improperly. When the body is imbalanced, it can lead to posture issues. Having bad posture can lead to several problems if they are allowed to persist. Chiropractors can correct posture issues through a number of techniques like spinal adjustments and physical therapy exercises. They can help patients understand how they are worsening their posture and educate them about exercises and things that they can do to gradually improve their posture.

Deep Tissue Therapy 

Deep tissue therapy is another effective chiropractic technique that can address many different symptoms. Patients who have muscle cramps, aches, tissue damage, and inflammation can benefit from cold therapy. It has been proven to improve blood flow as well. The chiropractor uses their hands or other devices to massage the patient’s muscles, targeting the deeper layers of tissue. Stimulating the deep tissue can facilitate healing so that muscles recover faster, making the patient feel more relaxed and less pain. 

It is not too late to address your aches and pains. See a trusted chiropractor to find out how you can get treated. They can treat your pain so that you can feel great and stay healthy. Discover how chiropractic care can transform your life and improve your wellbeing by consulting an experienced chiropractor in your area right away.