The Symposium on Healthcare Internet and E-Commerce: Legal, Regulatory and Ethical Issues is being sponsored by:

The Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA), the 501(c)(6) association representing approximately 2000 of the nation’s healthcare chief compliance officers. HCCA offers a number of programs, including the HCCA Compliance Academy at the University of Pennsylvania. For more information on HCCA, call 1-888-580-8373 or go to the HCCA website

In Association with:

The American Health Lawyers Association (AHLA), the 501(c)(6) association representing approximately 9000 of the nation’s healthcare attorneys. AHLA offers numerous education, publication and credentialing opportunities for its membership. For more information about AHLA, call 202-833-1100 or go to the AHLA website

The British Healthcare Internet Association (BHIA) is an individual membership association based in Great Britain which promotes the advancement of healthcare through the application of internet technologies and the Bill of Rights for the Internet.

Health Internet Ethics (Hi-Ethics™) is an alliance of the Nation’s major online health information providers formed to develop an ethical code of conduct for consumers. Focusing on content, advertising, privacy issues, and commerce, Hi-Ethics is developing principles designed to ensure that consumers are provided with health information that is reliable, safe and trustworthy. For more information about Hi-Ethics™, contact Donald Kemper

The Internet Healthcare Coalition (IHC), the 501(c)(3) association representing a broad variety of individuals and institutions interested in healthcare on the Internet IHC seeks to facilitate quality healthcare resources on the Internet through informed consumers, professionals, educators and marketers, and voluntary, self-regulated initiatives. For more information about IHC, visit the IHC website

Privacy Officers Association is the premier non-profit membership association representing the nations privacy professionals. The Privacy Officers Association seeks to provide a forum for privacy professionals to discuss and debate issues related to building and maintaining privacy programs, digesting and analyzing regulatory developments and creating a network of peers. For more information please contact Brent Saunders

The eHealthcare Association (TeHA), a 501(c)(6) association representing healthcare Internet content, connectivity and commerce organizations. TeHA provides representation and advocacy, networking and information for its members. For more information about TeHA, contact Tom Gallo, Executive Director

Co-sponsored by:

Advance for Health Information Executives
AHA News
E-Healthcare Connections
e-Healthcare Market Reporter
e-Health Investor
eHealth Insider
Group Practice Journal
Health Affairs Journal
Health Data Management
Health Informatics Europe
Health Management Technology
Healthcare Business
Healthcare Financial Management
Healthcare Forum Journal
Hospitals & Health Networks
Inquiry Journal
Interactive Healthcare Report
Internet Health Care
Internet Healthcare Strategies
Internet Medicine
Journal of Health Policy, Politics and Law
MD Computing
MD net guide
Medicine on the Net
Modern Healthcare
Modern Physician

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